Free Windows Email Program Mailbird Review

To many people, maybe Outlook is one of the most common email clients on Microsoft Windows platform. Although Outlook is an immense email client, a lot of users tend to use backup programs, and in case that you are searching for no cost substitutes, we believe that you may be interested in Mailbird.

Out there, people offer plenty of nice email clients, nevertheless, you are seeking to find an uncomplicated, user-friendly and handy application, we highly recommend you to think about Mailbird. Right after you start the application, it will ask you to select your favorite layout. In regards to layouts, the default layout parallels the Mail client from Microsoft Windows 10. However, an alternative layout looks like the interface of webmail service is also available for you.

As for personalization, users are able to pick out among many applicable backgrounds and create their own particular layout easily and fast. What’s more about this email program? Read the Mailbird review below to learn.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mailbird

In this Mailbird Review, we will talk about the advantages of Mailbird, of course. The main advantages of Mailbird include three factors: First, Mailbird takes care of multiple accounts as well as identities smoothly and nicely, the including unified folders are also counted. Second, users is able to delay emails at ease. Last but not least, primary email control is particularly specifically quick.

On the other hand, the noticeable disadvantages of Mailbird are three elements: The important emails are not classified in a smart way, you can also find out that doing search is comfortable and fast in Mailbird. However, the developers should put more criteria and focusing options in this program. One more minor thing is that Mailbird does not allow filters or other gadgets for automation like suggested email replies or ready-to-use folders for filling.

Short Description of Key Features

Mailbird conduct mail for various IMAP as well as POP email accounts and the free version of Mailbird only allow users to have up to 3 accounts). In case that you have got over one account configured, the program develops standard folders into consolidated inboxes, sent and draft folders and so on. Besides, you are able to access all accounts independently. For every account, you are allowed to create numerous sending identities with particular From: and Reply-to headers. You can also do the same thing with your personal signatures as well as opening SMTP server settings.

Through this Mailbird review, we have to say that some features of Mailbird are very smart, indeed, for example, the delaying messages feature. Mailbird allows you to delay messages cleverly. From the inbox, the delayed messages will be brought to a “Snoozed” folder, and from this folder, Mailbird will send back them to your inbox at the time you want automatically. In addition, Mailbird offers labels for Gmail accounts. For other email accounts, the program simulates them by using folder.

One feature of Mailbird is rich text formatting. In Mailbird you are able to compose emails using rich text format. Together with that, you can also send a plain text version. Mailbird capable of preceding your comments with your name in order to make them highlighted and associated to users.

Generally, emails are gathered into groups by conversation. Additionally, you are up to have your emails zoomed to a fitting reading size automatically. A speed reading mode is always ready to use, this feature displays to you an email’s text word-by-word in a very quick advancement. To operate and control Mailbird program, you can use its keyboard shortcuts or set maintained from Gmail’s keyboard alternative. To operate specific actions by swiping, use touchscreen support.

Swift search over all accounts and folders bring back results quick. In addition, you are able to catch sight of messages from the same senders with a useful timesaver. To share files easily, Mailbird enables unification with Dropbox. Plus, an attachment browser allows users to look for enclosed files by name. Mailbird does bring up a “Contacts” application that let you locally control an address book. You are able to import addresses, but contacts do not sync with the address book of Gmail.





Reginald Jimenez