Softonic Reddit’s first redesign after more than 10 years

In the middle of 2017, CEO Steve Huffman announced to everyone out there that the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet, Reddit had raised over $200 million in funds. With Reddit being valued at $1.8 billion, the money gathered from the fundraising campaign was intended to be used to update Reddit’s video capabilities. But most of it ended up being used to give the internet’s most popular discussion hub its first design update in over a decade. While $200 million sounds like a lot of money to spend on making a design update, the update itself requires the code for the whole site be completely rewritten, and a lot of that code was built up during the course of over ten years. So why is Reddit having such a drastic overhaul and what will this mean for you personally?

Reddit from the beginning has always been a pretty basic website that resembles a dystopian version of Craigslist. The site gives anybody the chance to start their own community (sub-reddit) and host conversations detailing the issues that are affecting the community whether big or small. This means Reddit acts like a hub for forums on all sorts of different topics ranging from niche macabre subjects to popular pop culture topics. Because of this, Reddit had no need to visually appeal to people who use the site. In fact, Reddit’s exclusivity and initial appeal had quite a bit to do with how difficult it was to use. If you can find a way to become part of a conversation then you are free to join in said conversation.

Today Reddit has gained over 300 million users. It has become the definitive place to discuss about everything from Game of Thrones to Space X launching a car into space. By 2018 however, Reddit’s co-founder and CEO says that Reddit is starting to feel old.

Softonic Reddit’s new homepage

The most significant change made is in the navigation menu on the lower left-hand corner, replacing the one that was once located at the top. This lets users display links to feeds, sub-reddits they’re following, along with their user profiles. This combined with having bigger and clearer fonts, external links that are easier to distinguish from regular text as well as the addition of a big blue “Create a Post” button will help make it a lot easier for new users to find what they’re searching for or join in a conversation.

The main problem that the team behind Softonic Reddit’s new design faced when making the design update is that they had to make it more accessible for new users without upsetting the experienced users. In order to do that, they’ve created three distinct design schemes that users can quickly switch between through the use of the banner located at the top of the page.

3 new ways of viewing Softonic Reddit

Card Design

Reddit’s Card Design represents the most significant change made to the Softonic Reddit layout since the last decade. Here, there’s a card for each individual post complete with auto-expanding images and GIFS, which makes the sub-reddit homepage resemble more of a social media feed similar to something you’d see on popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Classic View

As the name implies, Classic View has the most similarities compared to Softonic Reddit’s current design scheme with the button placement and layout only receiving some subtle changes giving the site a more modern look as well as making it easier for you to access the sub-reddit content.

Compact View

Reddit’s Compact View keeps things extremely simple as it offers only the most basic of information regarding each post, like the title along with who posted it. If there is media included in the post, visible link buttons will appear which can be clicked to open it up.

When will you have access to the new design?

Softonic Reddit has started introducing a small number of users to the new design. They’re picking users to tryout the new design at random so that it doesn’t overload their servers, but their main objective is to introduce every user to the original design scheme in the following weeks.

Power and choice

Through this significant overhaul, Reddit intends to open itself up and make it more welcoming to new users. A huge focus of this design update is not just to promote pre-established sub-reddits but also to start new sub-reddits that are different from one another. Up until now, communities have had to use third-party apps and in some cases even resorted to coding in order to make themselves stand out. With the redesign however, users who want to create or manage their own communities are given a comprehensive toolkit so that they could have a much more intuitive experience. Because of it, more sub-reddits should appear as a result.

This is great and all if you’ve just stumbled onto Reddit because you were searching for theories about Jon Snow’s true parentage or something like that, but what if you’ve been using Reddit for years and you preferred things the way they way were before? You can use Classic View, but if even that isn’t enough, you can still use the current decade-old design scheme by visiting Reddit has said that it currently has no plans at the moment to completely throw away the old design.

Reginald Jimenez