Full list of Fallout 4 names Cosworth can say

Fallout 4 is a great game with millions of supporters from around the world. If you are a loyal fan of this addictive game, surely you don’t feel strange with the companions in this game. In these companions, Codsworth is a lovely and one of the best companions of the players. A special point is that it is able to call more than 900 different names. This means, in this game, you absolutely can hear this companion calling your name. So, how to make him call your character’s name and what codsworth names does it can call? This article about the fallout 4 names codsworth can say will let you know.

What is codsworth? How to make him call your name?

codsworth say

Codsworth – an available traveling companion in Fallout 4 is a Mister Handy robot who served as the Sole Survivor’s butler to The Great War. He is known as one of the best companions in Fallout 4 because of his abilities and loyalty.

Codsworth has various functions that are ranging from the ability to attack enemies with a buzzsaw and flamethrower to the ability to gather and carry items. In addition, he also can call more than nine hundred names and let’s imagine! If this robot butler calls exactly your character’s name instead of “sir” or “ma’dam”, may the game become more interesting and realism with you? In fact, Codsworth can call a lot of very basic names such as Michael, Amanda, Katniss, Chappy, Mulder, etc. So, if you want to hear this robot butler calling your name, let’s enter one of these codsworth names during Character  Creation.

List of fallout 4 codsworth names     

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Above is full list of the Fallout 4 codsworth names. In order to hear the sound of the robot butler calling your name, let’s choose a name from over nine hundred names above for your character. Hope that with this information, you can enjoy more interesting in Fallout 4. Thank you for reading!

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