Free games on are provided by indie developers to support self-isolated people

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If you are following and their game products, you will find many independent developers at are trying to develop exciting game products and often offer games of them at high discount prices. However, in some cases, these games are entirely free. It is an exciting opportunity for you to be able to experience appealing new game genres, but you don’t need to pay any fees to play these games.

A great effort to help self-isolated people

It is part of a joint effort by both Itch and the game developers themselves to help reduce stress and boredom during social isolation. Perhaps this is a great effort to help Itch guests and lovers love this site even more with its greatness. The list associated with Itch, called “Games that help you stay inside,” offers many free games or titles that pay only a small amount.

It also helps reduce the stress of spending while being able to relieve stress through gaming. With this great list, you will not need to pay too much money or make a difficult decision or decision to play the game you like. Besides, it will also help a lot in helping you relieve boredom during isolation at home.

The list also includes some severe game genres, such as the Mutazione opera, one of the winners at the IGF Awards last night. It is listed at the price of $ 14.99 (down 25 percent from the original price). Wow! Partially saved the cost! Some of the other significant games included on the list are Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne, which is entirely free and is listed in Wilmot, for $ 10.49 (30% off).

A list of fun free games

Itch also provides you with a list of cheap or even free games. The list is managed by an Itch user named avie and is called “Self-isolation on budget.” While there are certain drawbacks and disadvantages, avie’s plan seems to provide a lot of small games from lesser-known developers. And most of these games are entirely free.

You can play these free games smoothly without having to worry about being forced to pay halfway. Although they are little known games, sometimes it can bring you the fun and exciting gaming experience that you have never had before. Sometimes after playing these games, you can become a fan of these developers, for example.

Not all of these games are strange games. You might recognize some games like Where The Water Tastes Like Wine and Gladiabots. It is an exciting thing that you cannot miss.


If you are at home and looking for something to play for free, take a look at the list of Itch and freegames, you will be offered more than 100 cheap or free games. You can also refer to other io games list which is simpler but also very good. So after going through all of them, you’ll find something you like without going over your budget.

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