Final Ninja Zero Review

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Final Ninja Zero is a prequel to Final Ninja – the video game about Ninja that has been staying at one of Nitrome’s pride for years ever since it was released. With a lot of upgrades, explosive new levels and elements, Final Ninja Zero are right at the corner to rock your playground.

Final Ninja brings in the game controls that are similar to Final Ninja, which means you are able to control your Ninja using the arrow buttons or W/S/A/D buttons. However, the performance of the Ninja would not be accomplished without the help of the mouse button. When you want to release stars or climb the walls, simply just interact with the mouse button and things will be done.

One of the most exciting elements in the set of the Ninja’s abilities is the cloaking device, which is activated by pressing the down button. As you get your cloaking device works, your Ninja will be wrapped with lasers and the sensors will not be able to spot him at all. “Ninja” in Japanese stands for ‘secret agent”, which means in the game world of Final Ninja Zero, you will have to try your best not to set off nasty alarms at the sensors that are equipped everywhere.

Another threat to your Ninja’s life is the snipers. To avoid the snipers and avoid them, you will have to get to dodge behind pipes. Even when you have activated the cloaking device, the snipers still can locate you. This fact makes Final Ninja Zero so much more difficult than Final Ninja, but alongside the difficulties are the thrilling challenges that you would love to try at least for once.

The first half of Final Ninja Zero is claimed to be fulfilled with thrills and unbelievable shocks that can be a threat to any soft-hearted player. However, as the player learns to overcome the overwhelmed feelings caused by approaching the game without any experience, he will soon focus on the levels he has to conquer and fight like a true warrior. Playing Final Ninja Zero obviously will educate the player with some soft skills that are necessary for the modern game worlds.

Final Ninja Zero, for sure, still contains some bugs that can annoy tough players. First of all, the game brings too many new elements compared to the Final Ninja. This might be a blessing thing to the fan of Final Ninja, but it will be a bit too much for the newcomers to the game.

Another problem is, Final Ninja Zero will not let you leave if you haven’t been satisfied with the game. Well, this is not a joke! As you read this, you will be confused to tell if this is a negative point for Final Ninja Zero or not. Because of the addictive gameplay, Final Ninja Zero keeps you playing the game until you finally finish all the levels of it!

In conclusion

Is Final Ninja Zero worth your time, attention and love? The answer is a million times Yes! Final Ninja Zero is one of the finest Platform game so far and if you neglect this video game, you will not find any other better Platform game that involves Ninjas in it! Play now at HUDGAMES

Reginald Jimenez