5 best io games to play right away

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The “.io” element in the form of .io games:

It’s hard to believe that the .io genre has been a staple in the gaming community for decades. The game that has “.io” in its name implies that they are supported by an open-source, which means that they also support the participation of random gamers around the actual world. Basically, the “.io” element in .io games offers the desirable game servers for the players that want to be associated with their technologies. The players of .io games can communicate within his gaming community and expand his performance in an open game world.

In this list of the 5 best .io games, we will go through the legendary .io games that have been contributing big parts to the development of the modern gaming world.


It would be a pity if we talk about .io games but forget to mention Silther.io. This Snake-based .io installment is the most addictive .io game you should know and try. The game has the player controlling a worm and creeps around a wide area to consume pellets and gain mass to grow the largest and longest in the game world. What’s really interesting about this game is the game rule which kills the player if his worm’s head collides into any part of another worm. Besides, the challenging mission of topping the leaderboard is also one of the reasons that make Silther.io a big pride of its developer.


Instead of featuring the first-person perspective like the traditional .io games with Shooter elements, Warscrap.io allows the player to combat through a second-person viewpoint. In the game world of Warscrap.io, the player will have a great chance to deal with numerous enemies around him and gather plenty of survival skills. The game Map is also an element that should be highly praised with beautiful and detailed objects and sights.


At the third place in this list is Trapz.io, a game full of traps and craps just like its name. In a retro-graphic game world, the player will have to climb up both the game destruction and leaderboard at the same time against the other players. Be careful, because Trapz.io isn’t an easy game to mess up with. The competition among the players in this mischief game is what keeps the player carrying on with his adventure. Check it out!

Zombs Royale

If you haven’t found a way to defeat numerous players at once using ONLY ONE MISSLE, then you should turn your head to this .io game Zombs Royale now! Seeing the game world through a second-person perspective, the player in this game Zombs Royale must commit himself to massive battle royale that can easily cause anyone to skip a heartbeat.


Last but not least, Gundar.io is another .io game with the Shooter element in this list. However, this game is outstanding for its Minecraft’s graphics and excellent character’s moves. As the game starts, you will immediately be involved in an endless Shooter adventure around the game world where everything is square-shaped. Are you ready to conquer the battles in Gundar.io?

In conclusion:

Above all, we would like to give you a look at the 5 best .io games that have been filtered by millions of experienced players around the world.

Besides .io games, Puzzle games genre is equally attractive. For example: bad ice cream 3, Red Ball, Snail bob. All of these games are available on Hudgames. Try them, and you will find a good game to turn to the next weekend!

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