Slake your thirst of racing game with 10 newest racing games 2018

Below are the newest racing games for PS3, these games have hours of thrilling, heart-stopping moments on offer through their well- designed racing gameplay. You might not get along well with driving a car in real life, but the fact that being a real-life bad driver will not stop you from being a road racer in these kinds of game.

The gamers all know that the enjoyment aspect can be brought directly from being able to chase the thrill. In this case, these racing games need to be continually developed and developed in order to meet the needed standards and expectation from the users.

For any gamer, whether a true racing-game lover or not, being over to take full control over the in-game vehicles, and have a certain sense of freedom is enough to be considered as a thrilling experience. It would definitely be a blessing when you can enjoy the best racing games for PS3 on the high-definition brilliance of the PS3. Continue reading and find out which newest games can have enough standard to be installed in your Sony’s console.

With the quick pace of today’s game world, it can be hard to be up-to-date with the latest developments. In order to ensure that gamers whose attention would be paid only the best racing games for PS3 can get exactly what they’re looking for, we have been taking notes and write down a list of the top twelve available options.

I. Things Worth Considering About Best Racing Games For PS3

Before getting into the details of the decent construction for a racing game, we should take a look at the overall features that have to be carefully thought of.

1. Modifications

Besides the aspect of racing, there should exist the chance to enhance the experience of the game. Whether this is included within a progression through competition or the ability to customize the in-game vehicles.

2. Compatible Equipment

A number of options could be provided on PS3 when it comes to racing games. You can have the chance to use your regular controller or upgrade to some astonishing racing devices. Whatever your choice is, be certain that they can work well with the game.

3. Track Variety

We have listed out the number of tracks that will be accessible in the games, and have also noted down whether the game’s setting is set in an open world format or not. This is really necessary since it will determine your duration of playing the game.

Whether the style of the track is unique enough is the second aspect of the track variety that you should think of. They will not be considered as the best racing games for PS3 if they can’t bring up a different atmosphere for every race.

II. 10 Newest Racing Games for PS3

1. Ridge Racer 7

Sony system launches and Ridge Racer go together. Like other newest racing games for PS3, the arcade racing series is now available on such platforms like PS1, PS2 and PSP system launches. On the upcoming week, on November 17, the PS3 will launch Ridge Racer 7. Similar to other launched products, Sony aims to show off the power of its new console. With Ridge Racer 7, Sony will likely to succeed. It keeps to what made it well-known in the beginning, which is physics-shunning race dynamics, so those who look for the upcoming step in the series will likely feel toasted.

Ridge Racer 7- Newest Racing Games for PS3

If nothing else, Ridge Racer 7 is a significantly rewarding title that does a great job of making racing exciting and fun, above all else. Surely, this game ignores the real-life physics presented by some of its peers, like Need For Speed series. Ridge Racer 7 keeps the action focused on high-speed maneuvering as well as reducing wanton destruction, as in Burnout Revenge. Due to this lack in realism and explosions, the game makes up in a solid, yet wholly unrealistic, race experience. While playing this game, it would take players more time to perfect the art of drifting than anything else, but in the case of Ridge Racer 7, that’s totally an ok thing – as the game’s developer wanted to structure the entire game around it. In conclusion, this game is definitely a must-play game along the newest racing games for PS3!

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2. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

With the release of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Evolution Studios has now returned to the dirt and mud, except this time, the studio also adds fire, water and foliage into the game. Unlike the first title, which had several ingame issue and bugs, this game was reported to have less major issues, and gives proof that the MotorStorm series is seriously a must-play for everyone that’s looking for newest racing games for PS3.

Pacific Rift - Newest Racing Games for PS3

The first game heavily focuses on dirt and mud deformation technology. This means after vehicles run through the mud, they would mark tracks in the soil, and other competitors would have to deal with these tracks. It seemed that this hook worked pretty well. Whereas the first title of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift happened in the desert, Pacific Rift takes place on an island, and features other elements besides some dirty stuff.

3. Need for Speed: Rivals

Developed by Ghost Games, Rivals is a combination of Hot Pursuit’s racers-versus-cops dynamic and the freeform gameplay of Most Wanted’s open world. It is considered as the successor to the work of previous NFS developer Criterion. Even though you may feel déja vu from Rivals if you’ve played a great deal of this franchise, Need for Speed: Rivals is still the best of both and it is considered as one of the newest racing games for PS3.

Rivals- Newest Racing Games for PS3

Rivals’ story happens in the setting of a fictional Redview County, this place probably has the most diverse geography we could ever imagine of. Within the confines of its map you can drive through parched deserts and lush-green vineyards, snowy mountain passes and up-market seaside promenades. It’s best for players to think of this game as a thrill ride. Climb in your car, scream, go faster, and it will feel like it is. In the game exists some of the best car chases around, and they may have never looked as beautifully chaotic as they do on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Moreover, in case you have not played much of Hot Pursuit or Most Wanted, this game’s charms will be much more appealing. Even though there is some lack of explorations, variety and depth and in Rivals, its innovative approach to incorporating multiplayer is a good enough compensation.

4. Driver: San Francisco

Being the fifth entry in the Driver series, Driver: San Francisco was released in the year 2011, this is one of the newest racing games for PS3. The game takes place in, yes you’re right, the city of San Francisco, technically in the present day technology, with the protagonist named John Tanner who is in the pursuit of an escaped criminal named Charles Jericho.

San Francisco- Newest Racing Games for PS3

At the beginning of the game, Tanner’s partner is murdered in an unexpected drive-by shooting. Since Tanner is still new to the job when dealing with undercover work, he decided to assign as a back-up in the form of Tobias Jones, a more cop with more experience. We could say that Tobias Jones represents the cautious yin to Tanner’s impulsive yang. The game’s story mode allows you to switch between all three characters throughout 11 chapters of intense racing, shooting and crashing.

5. World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars

Sprint Cars - Newest Racing Games for PS3

WORLD OF OUTLAWS: SPRINT CARS is one of the newest racing games for PS3 and a simulation game with the basement wholly on the Sprint Car racing series of the same name. Once start playing, players enter a chain of races where you must finish and complete training laps and qualifying races in order to get to the main event of the game. Before each race, they are able to tweak their vehicle for optimal performance, this only happens in the case the player has some knowledge that how adjustments could affect their results. An interesting point of this game is its online mode possesses some modes other than racing; ‘bomb tag’ is an ideal instance. However, players will mostly fall for it for the races.


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6. Split/Second

Split - Newest Racing Games for PS3

Set within a reality television show, Split/Second is a thrilling and intense action racing game. Players and as well as competitors have to be the first to drive through the finish line in a made-for-TV city, in order to blow with the final goal of becoming the champion of the season. Colliding and knocking other vehicles off the track isn’t just something players in Split/Second can do, they can also trigger devastating events that dramatically alter the race dynamics. They need to use the exact timing to obliterate gigantic structures and tower pieces of TV set to change the track or make some whole new routes. This game’s dynamics ensure it is definitely a must-play game among the newest racing games for PS3 of this year.

7. Shift 2: Unleashed

Being the sequel to Need for Speed: Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed was released March 31st, 2011 in Europe and earlier on March 29th, 2011 in North America. Players can enjoy this game on platforms like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Unleashed - newest racing games for PS3

Time to dig in some of the world’s most challenging and iconic and tracks, along with some beautiful fictitious courses, in both the time of grueling day and grim night races. Go wild and leave behind your existence on these tracks since they can actually degrade and wear the race-scarred appearance of being at the mercy of the Driver’s Battle. In this game, full FIA GT licensees and Night racing and are included, as well as the fact that the previously appeared (in the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit) feature called Autolog. In case you may have noticed, a small preview of the game can be seen when racer first launched Hot Pursuit. Such a game like this deserves to belong in the hot and newest racing games for PS3 category.

8. Wipeout HD

It’s probably takes a lot of your waiting but finally, WipEout HD is about to hit the PlayStation Network. This download-only title has been receiving plenty of praise and promise for a good while, but the question is ‘does the final version lives up to expectations?’ Good news is hell yes it does.

Wipeout HD - newest racing games for PS3

Borrowing a lot of inspiration and elements from the gorgeous PSP titles WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse, such as the music and the tracks, the game is marked as something of a “best of” of recent titles in the Wipeout franchise. However, this version is not just a repackaging – you can never experience such a refined version like this anywhere. We could say this game is crafted until it reached the point of near perfection and was given enough polish and gloss that it could have been a full retail release and give its fan more than satisfied. All of this and the fact that the game is actually only one-third the cost of a full retail game, it’s definitely a great bargain for some newest racing games for PS3.

9. Stuntman Ignition

Do you consider yourself as a fan of broken bones? Do you love paying enormous amounts in your insurance bills? Does an early death sound allure to you? If the answers to these are yes, then you, my friend, have a future as a stuntman. However, you can choose the easy route and start with these newest racing games for PS3 – Stuntman: Ignition, with this game, your only worry is about such ‘common’ dangers like tornadoes, earthquakes, flash floods and ravaging monkeys (especially the ravaging monkeys). We ensure this will cause an early, unexpected demise.

Stuntman Ignition - newest racing games for PS3

If you’re not a type of player who likes trying the same thing over and over again until you’ve ultimately perfected it, this isn’t the right game for you. On the other hand, if that sparks up some appeals to you then you’ll highly find a liking to this game here.  Stuntman: Ignition is a considerable one-of-a-kind game that will test your perfectionist side as a person. Note that it can certainly give you the feel of repetitive, or it can be a game of trial-and-error sometimes


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10. Fatal Inertia EX

newest racing games for PS3

Coming to Fatal Inertia EX, you will experience never-before-seen environment exclusive to newest racing games for PS3. Located among desert dunes, the Fatal Inertia Proving Grounds is a center for eager flight jocks that love to prepare themselves for the physical and mental punishment of low-altitude combat flying. As well as offering a curriculum of restructured training, the Proving Grounds are also where the game’s eight new tracks in. The game’s newly-featured “Master” level Quick Races will push the fastest men and women to and beyond their limit. Fatal Inertia EX provides visuals that now have weather effects, considerable scenery improvements, along with an overhauled garage for customization of racecraft. The beauty of Fatal Inertia EX could smoothly mask the thrills in this high-speed contest of champions.



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